I love making lists.  Mental lists, physical lists, rankings, it helps me organize my day, my experiences, and my perspective.  When I was a kid, it was top five basketball players of all time, greatest teams, and then as I got older it morphed into ultimate concerts, best video games of all time, or places to go for a romantic vacation (Highway 1 it is!).   Too often now though my lists include more mundane things like what I want to accomplish at work for the day, or our weekend errand schedule, or my favorite, the following, which is part of a typical grocery list:

As a dude, ESP into what these mean is not one of my super powers and this should no doubt make for some fantastic purchases as I wonder aimlessly through Whole Foods or Stop and Shop listening to Bill Simmons or a game.

So, returning to my passion for creating lists, I was driving back from Hershey for an early morning flight and plugged in my phone and just started listening to different songs, cataloging them in my mind into most gratuitous guitar solo, or perfect song to drum along to, or this could be 4 minutes of the perfect playlist to run a 5k to.   And so it was born.

My goal in setting up this blog is just to transfer that inner monologue that occurs whenever I hear, read, or experience something that moves me into written form.  If someone reads a top five list and it evokes some visceral reaction for you or sparks an interest in a new artist or you’ve had that same experience too, great.  If not, at least the dribble in my head is now in text form in case I need to access said list for any reason next time I’m scrambling to figure out what children’s book to buy for someone.

Oh and two other things about the list.  Once you’ve reached elite status, rankings cease to exist, so I’m not numbering these 1-5 to create a hierarchy within my faves, just here they are, the order of which is determined by either which one comes to mind first or what flows when I start writing.  Second, the post won’t simply list the 5, but I’ll provide some context as to why say Trevor Hall makes my list of songs to get your kid to sleep to, or where Sierra Nevada Pale Ale fits in, or why Steve Winwood is on a guitar list (dude’s a ninja).

And so, with that intro, time to publish blog #1, based on experience as a father of 3 boys none of whom inherited the sleep gene.  But more about that in my first post which lists my top 5 songs to get your child to f’ing sleep.